[Watch] 99 Rum Bottles Tumble Out Of A Wall In Couple’s New Home

New York: A middle-aged couple had moved into a new house. On their second day, they were in for a surprise.

Their basement was flooded following a storm, so Cathy and Roy Aukamp, aged 51 and 52, respectively, were removing the soaked sections of the wall. Suddenly, a cascade of empty rum bottles tumbled out.

There were as many as 99 of them!

“My husband had to remove wet plasterboard and all these bottles came pouring out of one of the walls,” Cathy told Caters News.

In a video recorded by Cathy, a baffled Roy is seen shaking his head, as one bottle after another rolled out of the open drywall.

“Thirsty? It’s five o’clock somewhere!” said a giggling Cathy.

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Most of the reactions were funny.

Some recalled how they also had hidden the bottles like this once upon a time.

“I can relate 😔 as any true alcoholic can tell you, those big flasks of hard liquor can end up being a go to for someone trying to hide their drinking. I did it with vodka, also because it smelled less and was easier to conceal. I didn’t have an empty wall, but I did have a bed frame underneath my mattress… Celebrated my 8 years this week. If you read this and you’re struggling, you can do it too,” wrote one person who had previously been an alcoholic himself.

One user joked how the couple had bought a house “from Captain Morgan himself.”

The previous owner of the house reached out to the couple after seeing the viral video and informed them of his sobriety.

“The person who did it saw the video after it went viral and reached out and said there are hundreds more but also that he is now three years sober,” said Cathy.

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