[Watch] River Turns White As Milk Spills Into Water


You have heard of oil spill, but milk spill?

Local residents of a village in western Wales watched in awe as the waters of a river which runs through the town turned pearly-white earlier this week.

A huge container truck lost control and crashed into a wall, resulting in massive milk seepage.

According to a BBC report, about 28,000 litres of milk spilled into the river after the accident, turning the usually clear water milky white.

Watch the video which was tweeted by one May Lewis:

While it was quite a visual spectacle for onlookers, experts are monitoring the likely impact of the milk spill on local wildlife.

According to an environmentalist, even though milk might be a “benign substance” that people drink every day, such a massive spillage can affect a forest.

Milk can affect the complex web of life in a river, and by extension the food chain. If you kill one thing, it can quickly kill the whole river,” Will Millard was quoted as saying by BBC.

“Rivers are one of our most vulnerable eco-systems, it doesn’t take much to wipe them out completely,” he added.

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