[Watch] Why A Journalist Used Condom To Cover Microphone

New York: A television journalist has shown that a condom can be used for purposes other than protection against sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy.

Kyla Galer, who works for American television network NBC, was among several reporters who was covering Hurricane Ian — a tropical cyclone which lashed South and North Carolina after making landfall in Cuba and central Florida recently.

Kyla was reporting on the destruction caused by the high winds and rainfall in Florida. She stood out from the rest as the microphone she was using to give her updates was covered with a condom.

As netizens expressed their astonishment and awe, Kyla took to social media to explain why she took that step.

“Many people are asking me on social media what is on my mic. So I want to tell you that what you are thinking is correct. This is a condom only. It’s raining a lot here and if water gets into the microphone it will get damaged and I won’t be able to report. So I had to do this. It’s a condom,” she explained.

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