Whistleblower Journalist Refuses To Watch ‘Sanju’, Dismisses It As Smokescreeen

New Delhi: Journalist Baljeet Parmer, who broke the Sanjay Dutt story in 1993, refuses to watch Rajkumar Hirani’s movie ‘Sanju’. He believes that biopics are tailored to suit the personality they are based on.

The issue of Sanjay Dutt’s involvement in the arms case came to light when journalist Baljeet Parmer got a whiff of his association with the underworld.

Parmer broke this news and five days later, Dutt was arrested upon his return from Mauritius.

This is what Parmer, who has not seen the film yet, wrote on his Facebook wall, “Hirani and his ilk are out there to make a quick buck”.

He also said, “The so-called biopics are tailored to suit the man or the woman they are based on. They are not meant to inspire the audience but are there to create a smokescreen to blur their minds.”

Parmer further added, “In the last two days, I have received hundreds of messages and requests to react on the film ‘Sanju’. But let me confess, that I am not a film buff. I very strongly feel that it is a waste of time to discuss the merits or demerits of films like ‘Sanju’ or its protagonist Sanju.”

“The use and misuse of drugs, sleeping with women, branding the media as an addictive potion, finding faults with the system or society, willingly or knowingly indulging in criminal activity, showing no remorse for your past actions, playing the sympathy card and crying victim, if that is what ‘Sanju’ is about, I do not regret my decision of staying away from cinema halls,” Parmer added.

The movie, ‘Sanju’, released in theaters on June 29.

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