Wild Tusker Leaves Jayadev Vatika, Enters Chandaka Sanctuary

Bhubaneswar: The denizens of the Odisha capital heaved a sigh of relief after a wild tusker entered the Chandaka Sanctuary after leaving Jayadev Vatika on Saturday night.

Sources said the stray tusker finally came out of the Jayadev Vatika at 11.30 PM and headed straight towards Chandaka Sanctuary via Khandagiribari, Ghatikia and Shyampur Nuagan.

The presence of the tusker in the human habitation had triggered panic among the people in Ghatikia and Khandagiri area since last three days. The Forest staff and the police had tried their best to drive it out of the city limits.

Besides, three persons were injured when efforts were made to vacate the tusker from Jayadev Vatika on Saturday.

On February 15, the tusker had entered the OUAT Horticulture farm premises at Ghatikia in the early morning hours after breaking the main gate of the farm.

Later in the night, the Forest staffs and the police had tried to drive out the tusker out of the farm but failed. However, the tusker ran out of the farm helter-skelter and entered into the Jayadev Vatika after breaking a portion of the boundary wall in the wee hours on Saturday.

As the Jayadev Vatika is situated in the human habitation, the Forest officials had decided to drive away the tusker in the night.

Taking note of the presence of the tusker, the authorities had closed the Jayadev Vatika on Saturday.

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