Women’s Security: Odisha Boy Invents Device To Give 220 Volts Jolt To Sexual Predators


Nuapada: Lachhman Dhundi’s invention could not have come at a better time. At a time when rapes and sexual crimes are making national headlines and the security of women has become a pressing issue, Dhundi has devised a gadget that will give predators a jolt of 220 volts.

A third year student of Physics in Lok Drusti College in Khariar block in the remote Nuapada district of Odisha, Dhundi has made an electronic device that can be worn by women to protect themselves against attackers.

Moved by the recent incidents of rape in Hyderabad and UP, Dhundi was determined to do his bit to safeguard women and hit upon this novel idea. “Women need to wear it on their body and keep the remote control switch in their pocket from where they can easily switch it on and current starts to flow through their body. The moment the attacker touches her, will get an electric shock,” he explains.

The device uses an electronic circuit, which has a transistor, a transformer, some electric wire, a battery to power the device and a remote control switch to operate the device. With a single charge of three hours, the battery of the device remains active for 60 hours and yes, the device cannot harm the wearer.

No one would have known about Dhundi’s innovation had he not given a demonstration of the device at a function in his college.


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