India-Pak Match: Manchester Prays For Dry Spell, Bhubaneswar Begs To Differ


The lord of rains must be crazy. Even as Bhubaneswar is gasping under a scorching sky, he is happily touring England to catch the World Cup action live!


Showers have played spoilsport in the ongoing ICC tournament, washing off 4 matches already. The most infamous for Indian spectators being the match against New Zealand on Thursday, abandoned without a ball being bowled. There was constant drizzle at Trent Bridge, the venue, throughout the duration of the match.

#Fingers Crossed

Fans will be praying against a ‘repeat telecast’ of that happening at Old Trafford on Sunday as India and Pakistan gear up for the battle of the 22 yards. The clash between the perennial rivals is a much-awaited clash in World Cup 2019, not least for the national egos involved during such encounters.

#India, India

India has pummelled Pakistan 6-0 in the all the World Cup encounters between the two countries. And Virat Kohli-led India will play to make it 7-0. As for Pakistan, they will look to repeat the heroics of the 2017 Champions Trophy final.

#Will It Rain?

That’s the big question on everyone’s mind. “I am kind of hoping this rain goes away and the sun shines bright because the whole world is waiting for this match,” Sunil Gavaskar told India Today. And the forecast may prove him right. The weather at Manchester is improving—from predictions of shower, it has gone to partly cloudy and we could get a full game on Sunday, CricketCountry reports.

#Good News

The latest weather update is that it’s bright and sunny at Manchester early in the morning, the report adds. The forecast for Sunday has been revised to 70 per cent chance of rain. As it stands now, there is possibility of light drizzle only. Though there will be spells of rains in the afternoon, but fans can expect a full game.

Till then, all eyes are on the Manchester sky. India Captain Virat Kohli is certainly looking heavenwards.

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