1.78 Lakh Foreign Tourists Visited Odisha In Two Years: Minister


Bhubaneswar: Tourism Minister Jyoti Prakash Panigrahi on Thursday told the State Assembly that a total of 1,78,789 foreign tourists had visited Odisha during 2018-19.

The minister, in reply to a question of BJP member Shankar Oram, said while 1,13,721 foreign tourists had visited the state during 2018-19, 65,068 tourists visited it by November end in 2019.

He said 1,56,23,250 tourists from India and abroad had visited the state in 2018 and 1,29,68,399 by the end of November, 2019 of which 10,531 tourists from China and 10,161 from Japan had visited the state in 2018 while 9,652 tourists from the UK, 8,747 from USA, 5,957 from Netherlands, 5,828 from Malaysia, 5,382 from France, 5,052 from Italy, 4,588 from Germany and 3,321 from Bangladesh had visited the state by November end last year.

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