Are We Heading For Another COVID-19 Wave? What Can We Do About It?

New Delhi: With the latest numbers showing a four-time increase in COVID-19 cases, the big question is, are we facing a third wave? If yes, what are we doing or can do about it?

First things first, the principles of dealing with COVID-19 remain the same – masking and vaccinations.

  • Masking continues to remain an effective measure for the prevention of COVID-19.
  • Making indoor spaces well-ventilated also makes a lot of difference in infection rates. Allowing outdoor air to come in can make transmission less likely.
  • WHO has recommended portable standalone air filtration units with HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters for places where due to prior building restrictions or other reasons increasing outdoor ventilation is not possible.
  • With 75% of the population vaccinated with at least one dose, 66% vaccinated with both the doses and only 3% with the booster dose, the government should push for more vaccinations and make it easier for the people to get vaccinated.
  • There should be a sustained information and education campaign making the booster free for all since the protection provided by the doses wanes over time and the gap between doses should be six months.
  • Around 5% of all RT-PCR tests should undergo Genome Sequencing so that we know if there are concerning mutations that are present in the samples. This information will help in getting an early warning in case of a variant with dangerous mutations and help us be better prepared for that.


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