ASI To Repair Baishi Pahacha Of Jagannath Temple In Puri


Puri: The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) will take up the repair work of the Baishi Pahacha (22 steps) of the Jagannath temple here.

The decision was taken after an ASI team visited the temple on Tuesday.

The team conducted a detailed measurement of the Baisi Pahacha and identified some weak stones. It has been decided that the ASI will replace the weak stones and plug the gaps with chemicals to prevent the seepage of water.

Apart from the Baishi Pahacha, the team also inspected the sanctum sanctorum of the Mahalaxmi temple and Bimala temple.

Notably, the ASI had earlier repaired the steps at the north of the west gate of the temple and replaced the old and worn-out stones.

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