Bhubaneswar’s Little Dictionary Wizards

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Bhubaneswar: In this day and age, when everything is just a mouse click away, it is indeed heartening to know that a group of children in Bhubaneswar even know the existence of a dictionary. Not only that, they remember each word in a 400-page dictionary and also its page number.

It is all a mind game. They learn the words by relating them with cartoon characters. What is more, they can solve complex mathematical problems without a calculator or a computer. They are like a super computer themselves.

The man behind training them is Atal Bihari Mallick, who runs Superb Mind Education Centre in the Odisha capital.

“It takes us four hours to learn the words in a dictionary, sometimes even less than that,” said a Class VIII student.

Mallick’s idea is to process the brains of these children just like words are arranged in a dictionary.  “The students have now learnt the exact science of the human brain. That is how they are able to do maths easily,” he said.



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