Centre In Talks With States Over Pricing Of COVID-19 Vaccine: PM

New Delhi: Frontline healthcare workers, elderly people and those suffering life-threatening diseases will be among the first to get the COVID-19 vaccine, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Friday during an all-party meeting called to discuss the coronavirus situation in the country.

“Our scientists are very confident of succeeding in their endeavour of making COVID-19 vaccine. The world is keeping a watch on the cheapest and safe vaccine. That is why the world is watching India,” he said during the meeting via video conferencing that was attended by about 12 leaders from prominent political parties.

The PM further said the country has the necessary infrastructure to manufacture the vaccine at a large scale, NDTV reported.

“The vaccine distribution and administration is given to a national experts group. Advice will be taken from them on a comprehensive and real-time manner. India has the facilities needed to manufacture the vaccine at a large scale. In fact, our preparation is better than most others,” he said.

This is the second such meeting called by the government since the outbreak of the pandemic.

“The Centre is in talks with the state governments over the price of vaccine and decision regarding it will be taken keeping public health as topmost priority,” he informed.

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