Corona Notes: Books And Art Bring Relief

Memes and chats about people, especially men, finding it extremely hard to spend their time during this corona-caused lockdown are everywhere. Tales of men turning their kitchen escapades into a cauldron while trying exotic dishes taught by the famous universal e-teacher YouTube is hilarious. These kitchen disasters have shot the anger of the already exhausted women, who are already peddling the round-the-clock snacks and meal machine tirelessly, to the tipping point. But exceptions are everywhere. Some women are enjoying the palette-pleasing dishes made by their husbands, who otherwise didn’t get time to harness their culinary skills. 

But it has indeed been a tough time to sail through this stifling and panic-stricken lockdown for those, especially men, who are neither working from home nor having any hobby to engage in and divert themselves. Restlessness from having nothing to do and anxiety at the uncertain future is causing them to vent the angst out on others. But the story is a paradigm contrast for those who have grown up with hobbies which have eventually become habits. These artistic and intellectual habits have proved to be lifesavers. 

This lockdown has proven to be a much-wished-for time for avid readers and prolific writers. This is the time for readers like me who always wish for a 48-hour day so that enough time is left for them to journey through the fictional and factual world in print. Language connoisseurs like me need doubly longer time to read a book as the urge to underline every linguistically extraordinary sentence and internalise every new word is irresistible. Readers have naturally stepped into the shoes of critics during this lockdown and are essaying the new role with élan. Ironically, for them, the days are passing by rather more quickly. 

By the nature of the art, writers always wish the time to stop till they pen lines that will leave their literary footprint. They wish they can afford time to throw paper balls with scratched scribbles all around them and be in the centre like islands, immersed in imaginative thoughts. Budding writers have shared their poems and stories that had just waited to flow from their nib. Riyaz, which has been sadly an occasional affair for some, is a part of the evening routine now. Many have fulfilled their sartorial knacks with exquisite designs and embroidery. The subtle joys and imaginations of many have given birth to rapturous sketches and painting. People with intellectual and artistic habits are their own best friends. This infamous lockdown will go down the memory lane as a well-spent fallow time. But, never the less, a silent prayer to get back the life of din and bustle goes out every day, every moment.


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