Coronavirus Likely To Develop Into A Seasonal Disease, Says United Nations

Geneva: The United Nations said on Thursday that COVID-19 appears likely to develop into a seasonal disease. It cautioned against relaxing measures related to the pandemic simply based on meteorological factors.

It’s more than a year now since the COVID-19 was first discovered in China. However, a number of mysteries still surround the spread of the deadly virus that has already claimed 2.7 million lives worldwide.

An expert team was given the task of throwing light on one of those mysteries by investigating potential meteorological and air quality influences on the spread of COVID-19. The team, in its first report, found indications that the disease would develop into a seasonal menace.

UN’ World Meteorological Organization’s 16-member team pointed out that respiratory viral infections are often seasonal, “in particular the autumn-winter peak for influenza and cold-causing coronaviruses in temperate climates.”

“This has fuelled expectations that, if it persists for many years, Covid-19 will prove to be a strongly seasonal disease,” the UN was quoted as saying in a statement by news agency AFP.

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