COVID-19 In India: 47% Of Positive Cases In Age Bracket Of 0-40, But 60% Of Deaths Aged Above 60

The government on Monday released interesting figures on coronavirus cases in India, with a break-up of the numbers as per different age groups.
According to an official of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, almost half — 47% to be precise — of the total 4,067 coronavirus cases reported in India so far are in age bracket of 0-40, 34% of the infected number belong to the 40-60 age group while the remaining 19% patients are above 60.
If that suggests younger people are getting infected by hundreds, the death figures tell a different story. Of the 109 deaths in the country as of now due to Covid-19, as many as 63% are aged above 60, 30% in the 40-60 age bracket and 7% below 40 years.
The elderly people are clearly more at risk, with the chances of their recovering from the infection much lower than those who are younger.

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