COVID-19 Infects Mouth Cells, Can Cause Dryness, Blisters, Says New Study

Bengaluru:  New studies have revealed that Coronavirus infects the mouth cells which causes dryness in the mouth, loss of taste and blisters besides affecting the upper airways and lungs.

The study by an international team of experts was published in Nature Medicine on March 25 has been seconded by health professionals in Karnataka who concur with the findings.

The findings point to the possibility that the mouth plays a role in transmitting SARS-CoV2 to the lungs or digestive system via saliva laden with virus from infected oral cells.

Dr Sharon Colaco Dias, HoD and Consultant, Dental Medicine, Manipal Hospital, Old Airport Road, told The New Indian Express (TNIE) that she had seen a COVID-19 case where the patient had blisters in the soft palate.

“Covid-19 has been associated with vascular irregularities due to viral damage of blood vessels. The virus gains entry into the endothelial cells that line blood vessels via the ACE2 receptor and damages them, leading to oxygen deprivation. Tissue necrosis, including blisters, can be the result of vessel damage. Case reports have been cited in the literature that show confirmed Covid-19 patients having oral ulcerations that were suspected to be caused by the SARS-CoV2 virus,” she was quoted as saying.

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