COVID-19 Positive Cases More In Urban Areas Of Odisha’s Cuttack: Collector

Bhubaneswar: The COVID-19 positive cases have been detected more in urban places than rural areas of Cuttack district, said district collector Bhabani Shankar Chayani on Sunday.

Speaking to media persons, the collector said out of a total 2910 positive cases in the district, 1364 cases (46.9%) have been reported from the rural areas and 1546 cases (53.1%) from the urban localities. At present, the active cases in the rural and urban areas are 216 and 773 respectively, he added.

Stating that the number of positive cases is more in the rural areas of Badamba, Narasinghpur and Athagarh blocks, he said most of the positive cases in the urban localities are reported from the Malgodown area in Cuttack city.

On the rise in positive cases in the district, the collector said the number is rising due to more tests for which the rate of recovery in the district is now 66.03% while the mortality rate is only 0.01%.

The collector said considering the lives and livelihood of the people, the administration at times is facing difficulties to manage the COVID situation in the district. However, one more dedicated COVID hospital will be set up in the district very soon, he added.

Talking about the plasma therapy of the infected patients, he said the plasma bank in the SCB Medical College and hospital has received 138 plasma units from the COVID recovered patients of which 104 units have been applied to the infected patients.

Maintaining that the district has made remarkable achievement in COVID testing and training, he said about 1.20 lakh swab tests of the people of 18 districts have been done in the SCB where the daily average test is now 983.

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