Cuttack Heritage Walks: Going Down Historical Lane At Maratha Barracks

Cuttack: There is a lot to explore in Cuttack and what better way to do it than be a part of Cuttack Heritage Walks. It never fails to disappoint enthusiasts. Every walk unravels a new chapter in the history of the city’s rich past, which is replete with stories of rulers of the past such as the Mughals, Afghan, Marathas and the British.

The recent heritage walk, led by noted historian Anil Dhir unfolded facts about the Maratha expedition. Around 30 participants were taken to the Maratha barracks near OMP Square instead of the Barabati Fort area, where the cricket match between India and the West Indies was being played on the same day at Barabati Stadium. Maratha barracks is one of the oldest surviving buildings of the city and currently houses the 6th Battalion of Odisha State Armed Police (OSAP).


“The Maratha expedition effectively began in Odisha from 1751 and the construction of the barracks started in 1775 and ended in 1793. Around 2000 soldiers were housed here. The barracks were built clearing a patch of the jungle on the outskirts of Cuttack. Several portions have been destroyed over the years but the building still stands strong. The British later also used this establishment for various purposes. Half a dozen rows of the old barracks were torn down a few years ago because of structural instability. However, one continuous row of 70 rooms still exists and is being used by the OSAP as their headquarters,” informed the historian.


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