Embarrassed About Leaving The Toilet Stinky For Others? Try “No.2 Sprays”

Cuttack: Have you been in a situation where you had to poop in someone else’s toilet and the smell raised judgy eyebrows? It can also be your family members or worse, your better half, complaining about the stink bomb you have left behind in a toilet. If you are thinking about room fresheners, it is important to note that most of them usually mask the smell but do not eliminate it. Did you know there are products that can help prevent such mortifying situations?

No.2 Oil Sprays 

These are commercially available fragrant oils that you need to spray directly on the toilet water before you get down to business. The oil forms a layer on top of the water and acts as a vapour barrier. So when your poop falls, the smell stays trapped below the oil layer.

no 2 spray how it works
Image: Poo-De-Cologne

Smeltt, Poo-Pourri and Poo-De-Cologne are a few brands selling these products in a variety of fragrances including caffeine – after all nothing smells better than coffee in the morning.

How To Make DIY No.2 Sprays

It is not very difficult to make such an oil spray. Mix 15-20 drops of essential oil (any fragrant you like) and one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol in a 60ml spray bottle. Shake well to mix. Then fill water in the bottle and shake thoroughly again. Add blue food colour if you want so that you can see the spray coverage in the pot. Start spraying away the stink and keep a bottle in your bag – everybody will love you.

Lastly, here are some interesting Amazon reviews about these products.

“I work in an office full of men who eat fried food for lunch almost on a daily basis. After putting up with their after-lunch-pool-parties for months, I found this. It smells so good! The minute you spray this, the smell permeates the bathroom and it’s such a pleasure to hang for longer than normal. Some of my coworkers will even say, ‘Dude no amount of Poo-Pourri is going to help me.’ They come out of the bathroom and tell me how surprisingly pleasant of a trip they just had. We’re on bottle number three. I don’t think I’ll ever allow this office to run out of it.”

Another: “Somewhere in human history, shame has been cruelly attached to a normal bodily function—help remove the shame with Poo-Pourri. New relationship? The first weekend together? Someone has to destroy a common toilet? No problem! Squirt a couple squirts of poo-pourri in the bowl before you release the Krackken and all is well! Married for 100 years? Staying in a new age hotel with no bathroom door? Not to worry. A little poo-pourri in the can and then let her rip. If your stench makes people see the face of god and your heinous and loathsome death sharts could kill small birds, fear no more.”

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