How About A Horse Ride To School Kiddo?

New Delhi: COVID has really changed the ways of the world. Schoolchildren had a tough time staying at home during the lockdowns and then they got used to it. So much so, that they are finding it difficult to go back to school in the post-pandemic world. The older kids are still fine what with exams and regular classes. It is the younger ones who don’t seem to be in a mood to go back to school.

So, this has become a challenge for parents.

Parents in the Kandahalli village of Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka, have found an ingenious way to lure their children to go to school.

When any kid in this village starts creating a ruckus or doesn’t want to go to school, the parents call Nagendra aka Kudure Nagendra. He is offered to go back to school on horseback, News 18 reported.

NageChindra, the 42-year-old horse owner is offering this service free of cost to help kids get used to school and daily routine. “We elders have struggled and suffered so much due to covid and are finding it difficult to get back to normal. These are kids after all. I am just trying to help them. Once they get used to going to school and attending classes regularly, then they are on their own. Kids are good company, actually” Nagendra told

Nagendra is an animal lover and bought this horse eight years ago from Mysuru. He also owns dogs, ducks, pigeons, rabbits, parrots, love birds, sheep, and goats on his farm. He does coconut trading for a living. One can see Kudure Nagendra (Horse Nagendra) riding his horse to nearby villages when he has work..

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