How To Clean Kitchen Chimneys

An electric chimney undoubtedly provides an ‘escape route’  for our oily masala cooking, but cleaning and maintaining it is the key.

If you don’t want to spend Rs 500 every few months, here’s what you can do:

Before you start, be ready for a very greasy, messy experience. After all, the chimney traps oil, masala and other vapours dried up.

Most Indian chimneys either have a baffle filter or mesh filter. Mesh filters require frequent cleaning as they clog easily while baffle filters can be cleaned once in a few months.

First, open the filters by pressing the release button.

how to clean chimney kitchen city bhubaneswar

Take a metal or glass tray and dip the filters inside it. Add detergent and hot water, and soak it for some time. If it is too greasy, use caustic soda or kerosene. It is recommended to wear masks and gloves during this ‘operation’. Open a tap and let water overflow from the tub. Do not inhale the fumes. If it is too greasy, you will have to scrub it.

You can also clean some of the areas beyond the filter by inserting your hand and a scrubber. Spray a detergent or kerosene before doing so. However, every two years, you will have to do deep cleaning by dismantling the entire unit. It is better to hire a professional for this. This costs around Rs 2,000.

how to clean chimney kitchen city bhubaneswar
Autoclean chimney. Photograph – KiTchen City, Bhubaneswar

You can also buy a chimney with auto-clean feature which uses heat to melt away the grease. This doesn’t completely eliminate the deep-cleaning process but delays it.

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