Injured Shashi Tharoor Realises Parliament Is Not Disabled Friendly

New Delhi: Congress leader Shashi Tharoor on Tuesday entered the parliament in a wheelchair because he sprained his left foot last week. Taking to Twitter, Tharoor shared an image of himself in a wheelchair, and in the caption of the post, he expressed his disappointment on how poorly equipped India is for disabled people.

“When you need to enter Parliament in a wheelchair, there’s only one entrance with a ramp, at door 9, a good four minute trip (with the assistance of helpers) to the Lok Sabha. This temporary disability has taught me how poorly equipped we are to support people with disabilities,” the MP wrote.

Tharoor’s tweet has garnered more than 12,000 likes since being posted. His post resonated with several internet users with a few pointing out that he at least had three helpers to assist him with his temporary injury while most of the disabled population in the nation have to manage themselves.

“Well, no one really understands these issues 100% until it happens to them. Not to blame you or anyone, but atleast you had the assistance who helped you. Imagine a disabled teacher who worked for 25 years. Everyday walking up to the stairs to take classes on first floor….” wrote one user.

“Sir, in the parliament at least we have one entrance. There are railway stations, airports, monuments, temples, and many more important places which do not have any facilities for people with special needs,” said another.

A third user commented, “atleast u r now aware sir. I have to go through same everyday while visiting nearby places itself. disability of any kind need not only moral support but also on ground as well. not only offices, restaurant, metro, parks etc there should be proper arrangement,” while a fourth added, “Sad that you had to through this to get a reality check. This is ‘Parliament’, imagine the plight of the common man who has to commute through local transport to earn a livelihood. No public transport has access for disabled people including people with other physical disabilities.”

Tharoor injured his foot after stumbling on stairs in the Parliament last week. He shared pictures of him in bed with a cast around his left ankle. He has been forced to miss the parliament session as the doctor advised him to rest his foot.

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