International Day Of Families 2020: Spice It Up With These Fun Activities!

Perhaps the only positive outcome (let’s call it realisation) of coronavirus has been the importance of family. What can be a better occasion than International Families Day (today) to bring home this point. This is the time to bond like never before and make up for all the lost time. Let us take the lockdown as a blessing in disguise and cherish each moment with our loved ones while it lasts. Here’s what you can do together.

Play Board Games

What better way to enjoy a family ruckus than to fight over games? With a plethora of traditional games like Ludo, Carrom, Chess, Monopoly, Sequence, Upward, Zenga and what not, you have the best chance to beat your siblings (not physically!) and have a fun time seeing each other lose. Make it more personal by adding any online or offline game of your choice, or maybe come together to follow the trend and play Ludo King!!


This is an all time favourite of all Indian families. When have we left an opportunity to play Antakshri? Be it weddings or trips, families are always ready for it. So spice up your evenings by playing Antakshri over chai and pakodas. 

Movie Night

With the advent of digital platforms, there are movies for every occasion. Late night binge watching with family over snacks is incomparable. Stream family dramas like Hum Saath Saath Hain, Hum Aapke Hain Kaun etc.

Cook together 


Families that cook together, stay together. Bonding in the kitchen while helping each other out and breaking the monotony is what should inspire us all. Since the lockdown has created best chefs among us, why not fill the table with each recipe by each member? Those who can’t cook can always make a salad.

Having a family is a blessing and while you have the chance to make best out of this day, make each other happy by putting smiles on each other’s faces. Families may fight and bicker but they stay together. And it is what we need to pull through these tough times together. Enjoy this International Families day with your family together while staying in and staying safe!

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