Keeping Education Relevant Big Challenge in 2019

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Keeping the education system relevant is among the big challenges India will face in 2019, the DNA on Wednesday said in its editorial.

Today, the biggest hazard for education provider is that they do not know what to teach and the greatest ordeal for education recipients is that they do not know what to learn. Know one knows what is being taught in class would be relevant in the next few years.

Therefore, to keep up with the world that lies ahead, all those born in this century will need not just to invent new ideas and products, but to reinvent themselves again and again, the Paper underscored.

While many experts have argued making education more relevant and replacing Science, Arts and Commerce with fours C’s such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity, none is aware as to what and how it should be taught.

“Hence, young students, who face the biggest risk, should expect and aim to make more sense of information, to tell the difference between important and unimportant and to aggregate many bits of information into a broad picture of the world,” the editorial said.



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