Lecture at SOA: Science Still Trying To Decipher Consciousness, Says Swami Vrajendrakumar

Bhubaneswar: Despite making remarkable progress over centuries, science is yet to decipher what consciousness is all about or when and how physical laws came into existence, Bhaktivedanta Institute, Kolkata Director Swami Bhaktisvarupa Vrajendrakumar said.

“Physics is yet to explain the difference between non-living objects and humans with consciousness. The laws of physics are incapable of explaining consciousness,” Swami Vrajendrakumar, an IIT Kanpur alumni, said while delivering a lecture on ‘Physics and Spirituality’ at SOA Deemed to be University here on Tuesday.

Though Isaac Newton discovered the laws of gravitation, they were already in existence. So who made these laws and how do they work so precisely, the Swami pondered.

“No one is able to see about 80 per cent of science working, but it works,” Swami Vrajendrakumar. Observed.

Comparing a burning candle to a man, he said in physical terms both are combustion engines with no difference; but the man has a free will and a soul.

“When an object is on a sliding motion on an incline, it comes to a stop as per laws of physics. But a man who is running on a surface, comes to a stop only when he chooses to as it is dictated by his consciousness,” he said, adding that science can’t explain this.

“Where is man’s free will coming from? It is the property of the soul and we have had no explanation for it for the past 500 years,” he said.

Swami Bhaktisvarupa Vrajapati, the President of Bhaktivedanta Institute, delivered a lecture on ‘Sustainable Happiness.’

Swami Vrajapati, also an IIT Kanpur alumnus, said there were five levels of happiness linked to man’s sensual, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual consciousness, but the most gratifying happiness was derived from spiritual consciousness.

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