Make The Most Of A Rainy Day By Doing These 10 Things!

Bhubaneswar: Life was thrown out of gear in many parts of Odisha following incessant rain that led to waterlogging in low-lying areas and snapped road links in several places.

It is not unusual to feel lethargic during monsoon when there is a slight dip in the temperature too. There is that instinctive feeling to take a day off and generally laze around at home. But if you must work, then finish it as early as you can and head back home to avoid the rush hours.

Once you are in the safe zone of your home, you can apply these ideas to enjoy and break your boredom.

  1. Tea and coffee: Sip a hot cup of tea or coffee on a rainy day and feel the warmth within.

  2. Read a book: Hot tea and a good book and a rainy day is something many people dream of. Snatch that moment and enjoy it.
  3. Eat pakodas: Steaming hot pakodas are almost synonymous with a rainy day. Heat the pan and try some Pyaaz, Aloo, Dal or Methi Pakoda etc. For the budding chef, is always ready to guide.
  4. Listen to good music: Switch on the music system and listen to your favourite music. Relish the moment of solace. Good music will also reduces stress.
  5. Movies: You need not go to the cinema hall. Watch a movie on your laptop sitting in the comfort of your own bed with a bowl of popcorns and perhaps hot tea or coffee.
  6. Invite your friends for dinner: You can invite your friends for dinner and chit-chat.
  7. Play a game at night: You can play board games or search online for new games and you can download and print. If you feel creative, you can even make a game yourself.
  8. Indoor work: Usually, on rainy days it is pretty grey outdoors. You can make up for this lack of sunshine by keeping things bright indoors with indoor lighting. You can do other indoor works like decorating the house.  If you’re good at knitting or crocheting, you can start a new project.
  9. Social networking: If you are alone, you can get social on social networking sites.
  10. Take a nap: A rainy day is the perfect time to enjoy a nap. Curl up in a cozy blanket and take a nap.

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