More Trouble For Odia Actress Chinmayee Priyadarshini, Andhra Youth Not The Only One She ‘Duped’


Bhubaneswar: When a Visakhapatnam youth, working in Mumbai, brought cheating allegations against Ollywood actress Chinmayee Priyadarshini Nayak, his intention as he claimed was to warn people against her modus operandi and falling prey to her false ‘marriage promise’.

His fear has come true. Just two days later, more youths have levelled similar allegations against the actress.

On Saturday, a youth had alleged that Chinmayee had cheated him of Rs 2.7 lakh on the pretext of marriage. He too had met the actress through a matrimonial site.  Still not ready to divulge his identity, the youth told the media that she had taken money from him on different occasions and threatened him with dire consequences and big contacts when asked the return it.

The actress had allegedly also duped Jagannath Sethi of Berhampur, but this time with the promise to get him a role in a movie. She had taken Rs 9000 to get a photo shoot of him done. When he asked her for the money, the actress allegedly blocked him on FaceBook.

Bhubaneswar DCP Anup Sahoo said that police will take action if the youths, who claim that they have been duped by the actress, lodged a complaint.

The actress had earlier denied the allegations, but in an alleged telephonic conversation between her and the Andhra youth, Padmaraju Ravi Kumar, that had surfaced on social media she was heard asking him to take back the laptop which he had given her. He had also claimed that her friends were trying to strike a comprise deal with him.

Padmaraju had alleged that she had asked him for Rs 2 lakh prior to the launch of her movie several times, gold chain and earrings as birthday gifts and a laptop for her personal work after meeting him through a matrimonial site.

He was shocked and heartbroken when she declined his marriage proposal later and demanded that she return the laptop, cash and gold jewellery. On this, the actress allegedly threatened that she will file a sexual harassment complaint against him. Padmaraju had then approached Mumbai Police, who asked him to file a complaint with Odisha Police. Accordingly, he mailed his complaint to the Twin City Police Commissioner and Bhubaneswar DCP, who have assured him of action in this regard.

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