Not All’s Well In Team India! Rohit Sharma’s Cryptic Tweet Fuels Rift Rumours


Ahead of Team India’s tour of West Indies, a cryptic tweet by Rohit Sharma has added fuel to rumours of a rift between the star batsman and skipper Virat Kohli.

“I don’t just walk out for my team. I walk out for my country,” Rohit tweeted on Wednesday, adding gist to the rumour mills.

Rumours of a rift between the captain and vice-captain have been doing the rounds since India bowed out of the World Cup following their semi-final loss to New Zealand, NDTV reported.

Earlier on Monday, however, Kohli had rubbished the reports of cracks within the team. During a press conference, Kohli said, “I have seen this for too long now. Bringing personal lives into the picture. It’s disrespectful after a moment. There is nothing between me and Rohit.”

He added: “We are feeding off lies. We are overlooking facts. We are turning a blind eye to all the good things that has happened. We are creating fantasies and scenarios in our head and want to accept that this is the truth.”

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