Odia Film ‘Pabar’ A Powerhouse Entertainer, Brings Audiences Back To Multiplexes

The success of the Odia film “Pabar – Kichhi Satya Ghatanaru Anupranita” (inspired by true-life incidents) is reflective of the changing dynamics of Odia cinema. Movies such as Maya Miriga, Chha Mana Atha Guntha, Bhija Matira Swarga, Hello Arsi, Ahalya, Dhauli Express, and Tara shown at the recently-concluded Bhubaneswar Film Festival (BFF) set the ball rolling.

The dynamics include the techno-thematic analysis related to filmmaking and how the viewers, especially the multiplex goers, have started accepting the new genre of Odia movies.

The powerful performances apart, “Pabar” has once again proved that responsible filmmaking can bring back cine-goers to movie theatres. The movie with crisp direction, editing, comedy, time-appropriate and well-made political drama has scripted a saga of success and has been able to retain the interests of Odia movie enthusiasts, frame after frame.

Good cinematography coupled with great performances by the lead actors Babushan and Elina and other actors such as veteran Aparajita Mohanty, Choudhury Jayprakash Das, Rabi Mishra and Bhakti as Gedu, Bapi as Tudu, Udit Guru as Nilamani and Krishna Kar as Suresh Panda keep the viewers engaged throughout the movie.

Ashok Pati is a versatile director who has proved his mettle as a master storyteller by making meaningful cinema. The story is set in a small village in Odisha where open defecation is still rampant. However, with a pro-people and sensitive “sarpanch”, Benta alias Benudhar Kandi (Babushan) is elected to power and the situation starts improving. Elina does justice to her character in her lead role as a temporary school teacher, Golapa, opposite Babushan.


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