Odisha BDO Pulls Rank Over Hungry Migrant Workers, Video Goes Viral

Balasore: The video of a Block Development Officer (BDO) in Balasore district abusing some migrant workers who returned from Surat has gone viral on social media.

“Shut up! I am an OAS officer, not migrant workers like you. Stay in your limit,” the Baliapal BDO, Chhabirani Sahu, was heard saying in the video.

According to reports, the BDO burst out after the hungry returnees asked for some food. “Your parents have not taught you any manners. Even if takes five hours for the arrangement of food, you will have to wait it out,” the video showed Sahu castigating the migrant workers.

On her part, the BDO accused the migrant workers of first misbehaving with her. This made her lose her temper, she clarified.

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