Separate COVID Facility For ‘Infected’ Docs & Corona Warriors In Odisha


Bhubaneswar: The Odisha government has designated Aditya Ashwini COVID Hospital here for treatment of doctors and Corona warriors testing positive for the virus.

This came amid media reports that the infected doctors are unable to find beds in the COVID hospitals unless they are connected to the higher-ups in the government.

The state government had also drawn flak for having failed to prioritise medical care for doctors and healthcare workers, who are at a higher death risk (17 per cent and 15 per cent).

According to Odisha chapter of IMA, 19 doctors have so far succumbed to the virus in the state and hundreds of others have been infected.

The Odisha Medical Services Association (OMSA) and IMA had also been demanding a separate COVID care facility with ICUs and ventilators for healthcare professionals.

States like West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh already have dedicated COVID hospitals for doctors and paramedics.

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