Odisha’s Prachi Valley, Key To Figure In Iconic Heritage List

Odisha government has expressed its displeasure at the exclusion of potential sites from Odisha in the Union Budget 2020-21. It needs to be mentioned here that the Budget 2020-21 has decided to develop archaeological places as iconic sites, not archaeological monuments like Konark Temple, Jagannath Temple, Lingaraj Temple or the Dhauli Monastery.

Odisha government will have to develop archaeological remains of places like the Prachi Valley Civilisation to be able to get into that list. 

Prachi Valley Civilisation flourished in Odisha. It is believed to be older than Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro. It is believed that the civilisation flourished in a 600 sq km area along the now dead Prachi river.

A proper documentation regarding the origin of the Prachi Valley civilisation through more excavations can put Odisha in the map of iconic archaeological sites in the country.

According to the 1974-75 Archaeological Survey Report prepared by Odisha Archeological Department after excavations in 1969 – 1974, a glorious civilisation flourished in the Prachi Valley but not much is known about its origin. 

The report traces the Kalinga Temple of architecture to Prachi Valley.  The State Archaeology report identified the unique brick temple architecture of the state to the valley. Even, remnants of ports like structures were found, the report observed. 

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