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Oftentimes, students face the challenges they cannot handle successfully. Sometimes they cannot disclose the main question plainly, lack the time or make too many mistakes, etc. At times, they don’t even understand the purpose of their assignment. There are many essay types with different purposes and many folks mess them up. Accordingly, students seek professional online help.

The Internet is full of reliable and cheap custom essay writing services such as CustomWritings. They offer the assistance of certified and experienced writers who can easily write any essay, as well as other pieces of writing. This method is widely spread all over the world and students aren’t shy to use it when nothing else helps. However, not all students understand how to customize their essays. This informative article will shed some light on this important matter.

Essential Steps to Take

First of all, you should find a reliable essay writing agency that can be fully trusted. Spend some time doing in-depth research because it’s an important measure. After you identify the right agency, find the application form and fill it out. This is when the process of essay customization begins. The application form contains the main demands for your essay. Be detailed and specific. Thus, your writer will understand what you require and so, you’ll receive a high-quality essay.

  • Quality – high school, college or university.
  • Type – reflexive, argumentative, expository or other essay types.
  • Deadline – several hours, days or weeks.
  • Length – words, pages or characters.
  • Format – APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.

This method is very convenient. You provide the slightest details and your writer knows how to tackle the order. If you have some other demands that aren’t stated in this list, you’re welcome to add them too. Everything runs easily and quickly. Just be attentive and provide the necessary instructions.

Choosing the Writer

The next step is to choose a writer. There are two possible options. Firstly, you’re free to choose whoever you want. Commonly, professional essay writing agencies provide detailed personified profiles of their writers. They contain the most important facts, such as:

  • Education and majors;
  • Professional qualities and skills;
  • Average rating;
  • Achievements and rewards;
  • Customers’ reviews.

These points help to make the right choice. You ought to spend some time to define the most suitable assistant. Nevertheless, you’ll be 100% confident that he/she will surely satisfy all your needs.

Secondly, you may leave this matter to the agency you collaborate with. Most writing agencies assign writers automatically. The choice is based on your settings and a smart system quickly chooses the most adequate and available writer. Thus, you save some time and don’t have to ponder upon the candidate.

Defining the Price

Another crucial point to consider is pricing. Professional help should be fairly paid and you should be ready to spend some money. This is a very tricky step because price policies of writing websites may be the same, as well as strongly differ from each other. It makes no sense to pay more if another agency writes essays of the same quality but sets cheaper prices. Accordingly, you’ll have to compare different websites.

It’s likewise important to define whether your order can be customized. Most agencies have a flexible application, which allows quick adjustments. We’ve already mentioned the main demands you’re supposed to state (quality, type, deadline, etc.). They affect the total cost and if your order is too expensive, change any of these demands to make it cheaper.

For example, the deadline plays an important role. The more urgent your essay is the more fees will be charged. If your deadline is only 4 hours, it’ll be more expensive than the same essay with a deadline of 24 hours or longer. Therefore, be attentive and if it’s possible, place an order as quickly as possible. Thus, you’ll save more money.

Discounts and Refund

You should be aware of other points related to the customization of essays. The targeted audience of writing websites is student folk. Such platforms know that most students have limited budgets. Accordingly, they set relatively cheap prices. Moreover, they provide discounts to save even more. Commonly, discounts are given to newcomers and loyal customers. The more orders you place the more you save. For example, some agencies provide a 5% discount if you’ve already ordered 2000 words, 10% for 5000 words, and so on. Obligatorily check the conditions concerning discount policies.

Another vital condition is monetary compensation. Honest agencies never let down their customers and complete all the requirements their customers demand. If they violate any of those demands, your money should be returned. In case your agency doesn’t provide this guarantee, its activity is suspicious. We recommend choosing the agencies, which ensure a full refund.

Memorize our article for good. It shows how to customize essays. Thus, you’ll receive exactly what you require.


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