Return To The Vedas

Know Thou we are all souls, we are the eternal;
Veda points to the path of righteousness in action and wisdom ;

Great is our cultural legacy and great is our history;
Forgetting everything we boasted us as mighty;
Forgetting the discrimination between sin and law of piety;
Sacrificed the secret of the sin and the sublime truth;
Though must know that the followers of Bible and Koran;
Scrupulously adhere to their scriptures;

Man’s will make his life great and meaningful;
Only when the Vedas shall impart mantras;
Let us realize about the salvation and cessation of life;
Come…. come my brethrens dear,
we shall make men out of men;
Let us keep the eternal piety alive
by infinite oblations to God of fair.


[Translated from the Odia original by Sugyan Choudhury]


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