Rly Board Approves Fund For ‘Quick Watering System’ At Odisha’s Sambalpur City Station

Bhubaneswar: In order to facilitate the availability of water in train coaches, the Railway Board has approved “Quick Watering System” at Odisha’s Sambalpur City railway station.

The quick watering facilities not only provides a fast mechanism to supply water to passenger trains, but also avoids wastage of water. The facility will be installed at Sambalpur City station with a cost of Rs 5.43 crore.

Under conventional system, a train of 24 coaches normally takes about 20 minutes to fill water. Presently, there is no such facility at Sambalpur City station. With quick watering system, a 24-coach train can be filled up in 5 to 6 minutes. Moreover, multiple trains can be watered at the same time.

Besides, wastage by spillage of water can be eliminated. Water is supplied through a six-inch pipe with high horse power motors to the train coaches through a SCADA system.

The SCADA system automatically controls the water flow. It also has the facility of monitoring through SMS. The valves can be operated remotely. The SCADA system helps record water consumption and identify unauthorised use or leakages.

The quick watering system is expected to benefit of the passengers of the enroute trains, especially those running on Bilaspur-Bhubaneswar route.

Meanwhile, the Railway Board has sanctioned Rs 6.49 crore for provision of drainage arrangements at the west side of Balasore railway station as part of its developmental work.

Major upgradation work has been undertaken at Balasore station under “Amrit Bharat Station Scheme”, which envisages development of stations with a long-term approach. The fund sanctioned by Railway Board will ensure the proper sewage system at the station.

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