Safety First Said PM Modi; Students In Bhubaneswar React To Class XII Exams Cancellation Decision


Bhubaneswar: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday announced that there will be no exams this year for CBSE Class XII students due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic and added that the decision was taken in the interest of students.

The Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations followed suit.

While parents were concerned over students appearing for the exam offline with the state reporting over 8000 cases daily, the decision has evoked mixed emotions among students.

Odisha Bytes spoke to some students of schools in Bhubaneswar for their reaction on the cancellation of the exams.

Swayam Rath, Mother’s Public School 

I was not expecting the exams to be cancelled since Class XII marks are career deciding and very important in future too. I thought they will come with new ways like only MCQ type questions. I am a bit concerned about how the new merit system will be. If they will consider old marks, which ones will they take account of? Hope the government comes with a good merit system that does justice to all.


Sarjana Mohanty, Loyola School

The government has undoubtedly taken the best possible step in this unforeseen situation. Our uncertainty, anxieties and fears have vanished overnight. However, it is now that we have realised that our studies must be a continuous process and not just exam-oriented. Our task has become more intense as we do not know what more efforts we need to give to secure our academic lives ahead.

Reemali Sahoo, Mother’s Public School

Considering the present times and looking at the crisis everyone is going through, the Prime Minister has been sensitive to the students. He has been generous enough to give priority to the health of students. However, students who wished to apply to colleges and universities whose selection procedure is based on board results may have to struggle a bit. Keeping in mind the rising COVID-19 cases, the decision taken is wise enough and has put a full stop to all the stress and anxiety among the students and their parents. We have to learn to compromise a bit in times of crisis and accept whatever is in store for us. At the end, what’s important in life is life itself.

Richie Racheeta, St Joseph’s High School

Keeping in mind the adversity of the situation, the cancellation of exams was the right decision. It wasn’t only about the fear of the virus but also an issue of mental health and well-being of the students. This pandemic along with the delay of examination had left us in a hanging situation, constantly struggling to keep up with our full-fledged preparation for boards, neither could we focus on our entrances properly. Taking cognizance of the hard work and effort put in, the decision of allowing interested students to take the test as and when the situation improves, seems to be a promising move in this regard.

Sandip Swain, Mother’s Public School

I respect the PM’s decision but at the same time, it feels as if the students have been devoid of one of the stepping stones of their lives. It feels as if all those sleepless nights and days full of perseverance, during these tough times have all gone in vain and now our hard work will be equated with terms like luck or lenient marking. The PM should have reevaluated the situation and should have stuck to postponement rather than cancellation, which would have served for the collective good of all the students.

Subhransu Dash, Delhi Public School, Kalinga

I am glad that the Centre decided to cancel the exams keeping the pandemic situation in mind. We have worked hard for the entire year and hope that it does not go waste in the objective-marking criterion. I also welcome the decision, allowing students to take the exams as and when the situation becomes conducive. It is a tough time for the students who were planning to go out for higher studies. I hope they get a better chance and their favourite universities through entrance examinations.


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