Shweta Used To Rush To India To Meet Sushant At Short Notice: Brother-In-Law

Mumbai: Sushant Singh Rajput’s US-based brother-in-law Vishal Kirti took to his social media handle to debunk Rhea Chakraborty’s theory of ‘strained ties’ in the actor’s family.

According to Vishal, his wife Shweta Singh Kirti used to rush to India even at short notices to meet brother Sushant and this shows, how strong their bonding was.

To refute Rhea’s claims of ‘strained family ties’, Vishal shared a blog piece titled: “Five times my wife left me behind in America to be with her brother.”

“It sounds like I am complaining that she left me behind but I am not. This is an appreciation of the strength of the Singh Rajput family bond I have seen over the years,” he wrote.

Sharing a few instances, Vishal wrote, “In 2014, we were slated to visit India over the summer break. However, Shweta got to know that a family function was being organised to celebrate Rani didi and Jiju’s wedding anniversary and Sushant would be attending as well. She cancelled her summer ticket and rushed to India at short notice. I joined her next month in June with my daughter and spent some quality time with Sushant as well.”

Narrating another incident, he wrote that in 2015, his wife rushed to India with their son to meet Sushant in Ranchi, during the shooting of MS Dhoni’s biopic.

Again in 2016, Shweta made a three-day trip from the US to India at very short notice, just to watch ‘MS Dhoni’ together as a family and celebrate her brother’s success.

“She spent 2 days flying and 3 days in India with the entire family. Can you imagine the jetlag?” Vishal added.

“In 2017, Shweta thankfully, didn’t leave me behind this time around and we all got to hang out with Sushant!” he wrote.

Then in January 2020, she again rushed to India without me to meet her brother in Chandigarh.

“Alas, he was under such circumstances that she didn’t even get to meet him and by now everyone knows why,” he wrote.

When Shweta learnt about Sushant’s demise, she again rushed to India despite the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, to bid adieu to her brother for the last time.

Vishal continued, “It’s sad that she won’t be making such trips anymore (the happy ones, prior to 2019) because the shining star of the family is gone. It hurts me when aspersions are cast on a wonderful family like Sushant’s.”

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