Sunday Poem: Forget Me Not

A year!

From last new year to this Christmas,

Five encounters and a few messages,

Some cryptic, taciturn and some effervescent.


It was our first

When we met once

At a coast

Under hot sun

Where the Caribbean and Atlantic embraced.

Sharing was spontaneous

Parting was routine.


Neither planned a second

Nor anticipated one.

It was another chance.


Sharing ennui and sparing time

Over the aroma of Columbian coffee.


The next one was easy.

Told each other

The tales of our fateful journeys;

Travel and travail,

People loved and lost.

But, affairs many, remained unshared

When we left.


Intimate was the fourth

In a dark stormy night

We kissed and hugged.

I said, “l like our meeting.”

You parted with a smile.


Last night

Bright were the moon and the stars

Clear was the sky,

Clouds touched the sea.

Tender was the embrace,

Comforting and warm;

Wet were our lips.

As we parted as never before,

Blowing a neat smile,

You said, “Forget me not.”

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