This Odia Is Making Americans Workout To Ollywood Track ‘Nagin Nagin’


Zumba instructor Anupam Nayak, a.k.a Anupam Z, has been making Yankees workout to Odia folk beats. This time, he has used Ollywood number Nagin Nagin from Babusan-starrer Sister Sridevi in this endeavour.

“My instructor, Carla, and other foreign students get super excited when we prepare for dance sessions on Odia songs,” said the US-based Zumba instructor.

The idea to blend popular Odia numbers and folk songs into his dance routine stems from a desire to popularise Odia music abroad. It started with dance routines on Jai Phoola, which he followed up with another popular Sambalpuri number, Sagada Gadi and Odia song Dāmerā Rābidelā Lo.

Carla and Anupam choreographed Nagin Nagin for a graduation project at the YMCA in Connecticut. “Carla and I did a few hours of practice before going to the floor, and the most important thing was to explain the lyrics to her so that she can understand the moves and then it was easy for her to enjoy the song,” said Odisha-born Anupam Z.

In his effort to popularise Odia music, he has also released music videos like Halijayee America, Toka Mu Odia, Naja Gori Balijatra Dekhi and followed it up with an Odia bhajan, Abasista Jeevana.

“The crowd here enjoy tracks from Ollywood and Bollywood. I am working on more such Odia songs and will soon be releasing my next music video Made in Odisha,” he said before signing off.

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