Top 5 Places To Visit In Karnataka

he southern Indian state of Karnataka is a treasure trove of amazing sites. It has a splendidly beautiful and still pristine long coastline, a rich and old multi-ethnic culture, some most impressive monuments and very friendly people. A state as large as any big European nation, exploring Karnataka will take some good amount of time, but I assure you, it will be every minute well spent.

This list leaves out other marvels such as the Hoysala temple group in Belur, Halebidu and Hassan. Another not to be missed site is the monolithic statue of Gometeshwar or Bahubali at Shravanabelagola. This website has seperate article on Shravanabelegola.


The famous stone chariot from Vittala Temple, Hampi
Famous stone chariot, Vittala Temple, Hampi

Hampi frequently ranks as the top place to visit among foreign travellers to India.


Essentially a small temple town of religious importance for the people of Hindu faith, Gokarna with its fabulous and unspoilt beaches and a relaxed beach culture, has become a more calm and untempered alternative to Goa.

The iconic Om Beach, Gokarna
This tank in the middle Gokarna temple is a centre of rock-cut activities


Bijapur, located on the Northern part of Karnataka, near Maharashtra, has a number of impressive monuments belonging to the past Muslim rulers of South India.

Gol Gumbaz of Bijapur has the second largest dome in the world.


The cave temples of Badami and the 7th century CE stone temples of Pattadakkal (a World Heritage site) together represents the best of the art and architecture of India’s rich past.

The 6th century CE Badami rock-cut caves is a play of huge scales
The otherside of impressive Badami with Agastya lake in the foreground


A town thronged by the Krishna devotees, a visit to Udupi is a must for those who want a taste of Inida’s rich culture and its famous vegetarian cuisine. Udupi is a place credited with the invention of the famous South Indian dish of Masala Dosa.

The sacred tank in Krishna Temple Udupi[Reposted from Travel Bug Asheesh]

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