Utter Negligence: Woman Administered Two Shots Of Vaccine At The Same Time

Kochi: A 49-year-old woman in Kerala’s Kozhikode district was given two doses of COVID-19 vaccine back to back at a government hospital.

Praseetha developed severe fever and uneasiness, and had to be hospitalized on Sunday. She was discharged on Tuesday.

Her family has alleged negligence on part of the government hospital.

On March 12, Praseetha went to Beach Hospital to get her first vaccine dose (Covishield). After getting the first shot, the nurse rubbed the spot with cotton and gave another shot without saying anything.

Praseetha was not aware of the gap between two doses and hence did not react. She, however, asked the nurse if everyone is being given two shots. It was then the nurse realized that she had administered two doses.

Praseetha was allowed to leave. Her son has alleged that the staff didn’t inform higher-ups about the incident.

By night, Praseetha had high temperature, developed breathlessness and chest pain. They informed the hospital, which sent an ambulance the next morning to bring her for admission.

Thankfully, Praseetha recovered and was discharged on Tuesday. Her son said she is still very weak.

Officials of District Medical Officer (DMO) office in Kozhikode told The News Minute that Praseetha went back into the room after getting the first shot and since they were wearing white coats, no one verified it.

Praseetha and her co-workers were wearing white coats as they worked at an eye hospital.

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