[Watch] Rare Nilgiri Marten Roaming Freely Like A King!

Nilgiri: Twitter was left bemused with a video that has now gone viral, featuring a Nilgiri Marten roaming freely in what appears to be a mountainous path. Apparently, the Marten was out walking freely now that the lockdown has been lifted. Just kidding.

Nilgiri Martens are natives of Southern India. They can be found in the high altitude evergreen forests of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. They are omnivorous and preys on birds, small mammals, and insects.

The viral video was posted by Supriya Sahu, an IAS officer. In the video, a Nilgiri Marten is walking around a mountainous region. The clip seems to have been recorded by tourists from a vehicle.

But what is so special about it that the video has gone viral? Well, Nilgiri Marten is a rare animal. It is mostly found in forests and grasslands of the Nilgiris and the Western Ghats.

“Rare spotting of the beautiful and elusive Nilgiri Marten shared by a friend. Found mostly in forests and grasslands of Nilgiris and the Western Ghats. This beautiful and amazing mammal has a deep brown fur coat and a bright yellow throat. Listed on the IUCN Red List as vulnerable,” Supriya Sahu wrote.

Watch the video here:

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