Watch: Sona Mohapatra Takes #MeToo Fight Against Anu Malik To Cuttack Bali Jatra


Cuttack: The world is changing and the new India is you, said Bollywood singer of Odisha orgin, Sona Mohapatra while exhorting youths at Bali Jatra here to take up the cudgels against Anu Malik, whom she along with singers Shweta Pandit, Neha Bhasin had accused accused of inappropriate behaviour.

Sona had earlier questioned Anu Malik’s comeback as a judge of the popular singing reality show, Indian Idol, telecast on Sony TV.

Following the allegations, Sony TV had removed the composer as a judge on the reality show last year, but now he is back.

During her performance at Bali Jatra, Asia’s biggest annual trade fair which celebrates Odisha’s maritime glory, she said that Malik cannot be a role model for the country as more than 10 women have brought sexual harassment allegations against him.

She said that not many people here would be aware of the war that she raged against him and was hopeful that ‘justice would be served’ as the present generation would not turn a blind eye to such inappropriate behaviour.


Sona had earlier advised Malik to “take a break, go to a sex-rehab or counselling or somewhere to reflect on how to behave better.”

She slammed him for calling Indian Idol as his only source of income. “Ask your kids to do a hard days job & earn a salary. They are adults. I started working at 22. Do whatever it takes. Stay away from the public eye? Show some remorse? Say sorry? If you did, this would not have happened. There you go! You answered your own question.”

In his open letter responding to the #MeToo allegations against him, Malik had said that he was a father of two girls and couldn’t even imagine committing the acts he was accused of.

This is what Sona wrote in response, “Being a father of two daughters doesn’t prove anything. Clearly it hasn’t held your libido back. History has shown us that multiple times in multiple real live stories. ‘Some’ Men will just be that .. .The show must go on. Without you. Don’t jeopardise the hard work of so many people & the dreams of so many contestants just for your personal glory & ambitions.”

“Step Down Malik & yes, please do go to court. I request you to do so. Not just these 10 testimonies, we shall ensure ten times those are presented for the world to see. Let’s set a precedent for India, Mr Anu Malik. Let’s make sure no one feels like behaving like you have over the decades. I have the utmost faith that,” she added.

Sona had alleged that Malik repeatedly called her at unearthly hours and called her “maal” in front of her husband Ram Sampath.

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