Anushka Sharma to Collaborate With Discovery to Save Tigers

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma has collaborated with Discovery to promote a global awareness campaign to save tigers.

The project named C.A.T: Conserving Acres for Tigers, is an effort by Discovery and World Wildlife Fund (WWF). It will promote awareness to help prevent the reduction in the number of the endangered species.
Anushka has been associated with animal rights groups such as Peta. She appealed to everyone citing how wild cats are in danger of extinction and said, “As a large predator, tigers are an umbrella species and play a critical role in ensuring that the delicate ecological balance in the wild is maintained. The current situation is a sad reflection of us as human beings.” The project has in the past helped conserve acres of land for the habitation of tigers in India and Bhutan.

This year, they are planning to work on Sunderbans, another important abode of the wild cats.

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