Austria Gets Corona Creative, Prints Pandemic Stamp On Toilet Paper


Vienna: Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times.

Taking a creative inspiration from this adage, the Austrian postal department has unveiled a new coronavirus-themed stamp that is printed on toilet paper, Gulf News reported.

The stamp shows an adorable baby elephant that was adopted by the Austrian government at the beginning of the pandemic. It also gives the message to stay three feet apart as a measure of physical distancing.

Austrian Post spokesperson, Markus Leitgeb explained that that if one puts ten of the stamps end to end, they would get the length of the baby elephant.

The stamp was also presented in a block format, whose size is 10 cm on a piece of toilet paper. When torn, it can also be used as a standalone stamp. Moreover, it also has an adhesive backing and need not be moistened.

By now, 300,000 copies of the stamp have already been printed, which is made up of recycled paper.

It went on sale on Friday for 5.50 Euros, of which half the amount will go for charity.

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