CBSE Launches ‘Tamanna’ To Help Students Shortlist Career Options

New Delhi: Making an informed career choice after Class XII is as much a difficult decision for the students as it is for parents.

Keeping these facts in mind, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to launch an aptitude test for plus-two students to help them determine their strength and weaknesses before picking the stream of their choice.

‘Tamanna’ aptitude test will be introduced from the ongoing academic session, the guidelines of which have been despatched to the schools.

“The test will help students shortlist career options after passing their board exams”, said a CBSE circular.

The test has been jointly developed by CBSE and NCERT after conducting a pilot study in some selected schools. CBSE has, however, made it clear that the test is voluntary in nature.

“Students, teachers and parents must keep in mind that the aptitude test provides information related to the strengths of students and there is no pass or fail. The test should be taken voluntarily by interested students and must not be used to impose any subject etc on the students,” a CBSE circular sent to all the schools said.

If a student has good language aptitude – ability to use and understand written language, they can pursue a career in writing, teaching, journalism, advertising, law, library science, stenography, business development, travel and tourism, etc”.

Similarly, for someone with good logical and analytical abilities, courses or occupations surrounding mathematics, computer programming, architecture, law, medicine, economics, mechanics, forensic science and others would be suitable, the circular said.

Students can click here to get the details of the aptitude test.

The aptitude test will cover seven dimensions such as language aptitude, abstract reasoning, verbal reasoning, mechanical reasoning, numerical aptitude, spatial aptitude and perpetual aptitude.

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