Closed Doors


The doors:
Doors at the front,
Doors at the back,
Doors above doors,
Doors next to the doors.

Doors in the village,
Doors by the lanes,
Doors in shopping malls and markets;
Door between two rooms,
Door between two lips;
Door that rips apart two heartbeats.

The doors:
Between settlements,
Between towns and cities,
Across flows of rivers,
Across waves of the sea;
Doors blocking the broken clouds,
Doors between breaths.

Doors between the high and low,
Between haves and have-nots,
Between big and small,
Between new and old.

For eternity have these doors existed,
Some open, some closed, some half-open;
Some doors of promises,
Some doors of possibilities;

During COVID-19
Are all doors.



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1 Comment
  1. Bharadwaj Mishra says

    Good read, the “Closed Doors”..
    It surely keeps the New “Doors of Perception” open..

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