Cracks Found On Chariots Of Lord Jagannath & Siblings, Repair Work Underway

Puri: The chariot repair committee on Thursday began fixing the cracks that have developed on Taladhwaja, Nandighosh and Darpadalana of the Lords of Puri Jagannath Temple, who are on an annual sojourn to Gundicha temple.

Supervisor of the committee Sudarshan Mekap told the media that every year the committee inspects the condition of the three chariots a day before they are kept facing the south (Dekhina Moda).

He said that cracks were found on the brake wheel of Taladhwaja chariot and the Prava (axle) of Nandighosh and Darpadalana chariots during the inspection.

On being informed, a team of technicians including senior railway engineers, Maharana sevayats (traditional carpenters), Bhoi and Kamara sevayats (traditional blacksmiths) swung into action.

A senior railway technician Rabi Narayan Pani said that the front wheel of the Taladhwaja has slightly bent due to a minor crack in the axle. He said that the axle will be fitted with iron clamps for its proper positioning.

Pani further said that the minor cracks on the wheel and axle of Darapadalana and Nandighosh chariots will be fixed with small iron clamps.

“The repair work of the three chariots will be completed by tonight,” he added.

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