Sunday Poem: Farewell My Friend

Farewell my friend
Into the silent night
Out of hearing
Out of sight

Life leaves us all
A beggar’s broken bowl
But a liberated soul
That takes flight
From dark to light
To a great beyond
Where we know not
Anxiety, anger & fear
Of loss and gain
Beyond the body
Beyond the pain

Freedom, a new beginning
So I pray for you my friend
In this moment of end
I pray this day
Your peace today
If death be liberation
Let it be a celebration

I will pass your house
And look up at empty terrace
Relive fond memories
Of the room where we sat
Chatting over cups of tea
Sharing smiles and tears
In echoing voices
And the noises
Outside of buses, bustling people

They are here
You are not
Out of hearing
Out of sight
Farewell my friend
Into the silent night…

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