First In World: IndiGo To Use 3 Doors For Passengers’ Exit

New Delhi: IndiGo is set to become the world’s first civil aviation service to use three doors for passengers’ exits.  IndiGo on Thursday announced that it would disembark passengers from three doors of the plane which will allow the flyers to quickly get off the aircraft.

“The new three-point disembarkation process will be carried out from two forward and one rear exit ramp, making IndiGo the first airline in the world to use this process,” the airline said in a statement.


IndiGo CEO Ronojoy Dutta told reporters at the Delhi airport that the three-point disembarkation will allow the airline to save five-six minutes, leading to quicker turnaround of planes.

“It generally takes 13-14 minutes to disembark an A321 aircraft with two-point disembarkation. With three-point disembarkation, it will take just seven-eight minutes to let all passengers get off the plane,” he noted.

The CEO said IndiGo will initially implement three-point disembarkation at three cities: Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi.

Gradually, the airline will expand it to all the stations, Dutta added.

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